Packing List For China
Rather than list every single item we took, I will list the things that we really used.  We packed very lightly so there were not a lot of extras, except for medicines we did not use although I would bring them again anyway.

1 Skirt, polyester, easily washed and dried in the hotel room, wore it OFTEN!

**We did not wear jeans.  The Chinese do not wear denim (except maybe a *few* younger folks in Guangzhou).  khaki's, chinos, skirts are more appropriate, IMHO.

5 Shirts, just about right because they did not dry well in the hotel.  I should have bought a couple of the pricey travel  shirts that dry quickly and could have worn one every other day.

5-6 Underwear, just about right as they, too, take several days to dry.

5-6 Pairs Socks, see above.

1 Sleep shirt

1 Pair of comfy pajama type pants to wear around the hotel.  Wore often.

1 Pair of knit, baggy pants, wore to dinner, a little more "dressy" than shorts

1 Long sleeved denim shirt.  I wore it twice, on the plane and on an unusually cool June day in Guangzhou

1 Pair leather Keds with chunky sole.  I love them and wore them every day.  Great shoes.

1 Pair hiking type boots.  Wore once while sight-seeing.  Did not need, too hot and heavy.

Pepto Bismol Tablets, several boxes and took them before each meal.  Never got sick, either.

Dramamine (Equate  brand)

Immodium, never used it but would take again

Pain killers, Advil, Tylenol, etc.

Health and Beauty Items:

Very basic make-up...powder, lipstick

Face cleanser

Hair conditioner...the hotels DO NOT have it.

First Aid:  bandaids, triple antibiotic cream

Cotton balls, Q-tips, tissues, back-up TP

Bug repellant for southern China
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