The Paperchase to Elizabeth Xiaochai - Our step-by-step journey to our daughter

Vital Records and Secretaries of State For addresses and information which will help obtain birth certificates, marriage licenses, etc.

Consulates and Embassies With info about where to send your documents to be consularized including fees for the services.

U.S. Embassy in Beijing China

Immigration and Naturalization (now BCIS) For ordering I-600 and similar documents, etc.

A-Parent's China Email discussion list with over 15,000 members.  A very important source of information and support before, during and after this journey.  Click the ladybug
Photo Labels in Chinese - use these labels on the photos your send to your child.

Dictionary of Chinese Characters - Go here first to translate your child's name from Chinese!  Look up each character from the referral paperwork and find the exact character that matches up to find the correct meaning and pronunciation.

Measurement Conversions  - for converting your referral info into inches and pounds

Chinese Characters and Culture - Another site useful in translating your child's Chinese name
China Info, News, Weather:
Adoption Support:
Adoption/China Shopping:
Of Interest After You Have Your Referral:
Travel Information:
Referral Wait Statistics

Growth Charts For Chinese Children

How Are Families "Matched"

Growth Charts for Asian Countries and U.S. - Growth charts for China, SE Asia, Thailand, Vietnam, United States.
Inside China Today Newspaper -

Weather In China - weather underground site

China-Kontor -"Your Gateway to China"

ChinaSite.Com - Complete Reference To China
Asia For Kids

Celebrate The Child

China Memory books for China Adoptive Families -  These are beautiful and handmade! - Chinese cultural educational resource for books, videos, etc.


Heart and Seoul

Red Thread Embroidery - Ashley's online business.  We specialize in embroidered Chinese symbols on quilt squares and blankets.

Shea's Collectibles - Many different animal banks including PANDA BANKS!

Oriental Trading - TONS of crafts, party supplies, Lunar New Year supplies, etc.

White Swan Hotel

The Victory Hotel

CDC Travel To Asia Health Information
Family of Four
~Our Favorite Links~
Mao Ming Welfare Institute Discussion List - Correspond with other Mao Ming families

Mao Ming Welfare Institute - See pictures of MWI as well as links to other Mao Ming family websites

Dillon International (Our adoption agency)

Families With Children From China (FCC)

Personal China Adoption Stories - Hundreds of family stories.

"My Hometown" - A list of hometowns/provinces to learn about where your child is from.

Chinese Phrases For Adoptive Parents

Northwest Arkansas International Families - NAIF

Post-Adopt-China - Email Community for those families whom have already adopted from China

Appropriate Adoption Language - using the right (and wrong) words can make all the difference to our children, this page has some good information! - a great resource for adoption in general!  There are links here for growth charts, talking to your child about adoption, adoption language, celebrating your child's birth culture...great stuff!!

Positive Adoption Language

Obtaining a Social Security Card For Your Child
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