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January 1999
01.19.1999   Started research!
01.20.1999   Contacted DILLON INTERNATIONAL
01.22.1999   Ordered I-600A from INS Website, order HERE
01.24.1999   Subscribed to APC, email community

February 1999
02.02.1999   Rec'd I-600A packet
02.09.1999   Overnighted I-600A to INS
02.12.1999   Received Fingerprint Letter from INS
02.20.1999   DILLON INTERNATIONAL Adoption Workshop

March and April 1999
Work on Formal Application (autobiographies, pictures, etc.)
Home Study Updated (we already had a current home study)

May 1999
05.07.1999   Formal Application Approved

June 1999
06.00.1999   Home Study to Dillon International
06.16.1999   Home Study Approved
06.23.1999   Recieved Dossier Instruction Packet
06.24.1999   Home Study to INS

July 1999
07.01.1999   Began certification and consularization of all documents
                  (I highly recommend FedEx!!)
07.23.1999   Received I171H from INS--Yippee!!

August 1999
08.19.1999   Dossier to Dillon International
08.23.1999   Dossier sent to Beijing, China
08.26.1999   Dossier received in Beijing, China
08.30.1999   DOSSIER LOGGED IN to the CCAA in Beijing, China

December 1999
12.00.1999   Letter to Family and Friends

April 2000
04.13.2000 REFERRAL!!!  227 days after DTC date
04.18.2000 Acceptance of referral sent to CCAA
04.27.2000 Sent package to our daughter in MaoMing City, PRC

May 2000
05.03.2000 Package arrived somewhere in China per USPS website
05.05.2000 Visa Apps Rec'd at Chinese Consulates
05.10.2000 Visa's arrived via FedEX
05.18.2000 Travel Approval rec'd

June 2000
06.02.2000  Fly to Beijing, China
06.07.2000  Meet Elizabeth Xiaochai in the city of her birth, Maoming
06.09.2000  Promise to the Chinese officials that we would always love and care for our daughter
06.15.2000  Left Guangzhou for home
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The documents must be processed through the listed steps within the states where they originated.  (Don's employment letter originated in Texas; therefore, it had to be notarized by a Texas notary, certified by the Texas Secretary of State and consularized by the Houston Chinese Consulate even though we live and work in another state.)

Make sure the notaries are using "good stamps" which the secretary of state will approve
(We had to re-do three documents when the notaries were using "unapproved" stamps!  Your Secretary of State will be able to tell you what they deem acceptable.  It differs by state.)
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The Paperchase consists of several months of document gathering.  The documents included in our dossier are: birth certificates, marriage license, employment/salary verifications, an approved home study, medical exams verifying our health, local police letters indicating whether or not we have had any brushes with the law, statement of assets/debt and a "Letter To China" explaining why we want to adopt a child from China.

All of these documents are notarized (local notary), certified (by the Secretary of State) and consularized (by the Chinese Consulate)--only then can they become the all important "dossier".

Health of Children from China

Our Letter to Family and Friends
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