Our Journey To Elizabeth Xiaochai
June 12, 2000  -  Medical Exam
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Last Update: March 6, 2007
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"The greatest gift and honor, is having you for a daughter."
Fa Zhou to Fa MuLan - Disney's MULAN

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6/01/00 - Leaving Home
6/02/00 - Flight
6/03/00 - Arrive In Beijing
6/04/00 - Beijing (Palace, Wall)
6/05/00 - Beijing (Forbidden City)
6/05/00 - Beijing - CCAA!
6/06/00 - Leave Beijing
6/07/00 - Train To Maoming
6/07/00 - Meet Elizabeth!
6/08/00 - Leave Maoming
6/09/00 - Guangzhou (Civil Affairs) 
6/10/00 - Guangzhou
6/11/00 - Guangzhou
6/12/00 - Guangzhou (Exam)
6/13/00 - Guangzhou  (Consulate) 6/14/00 - Guangzhou (Visa)
6/15/00 - Leave for HOME
6/15/00 - Arrive HOME
In order to obtain a Visa for entry into the United States, we had to visit a quarantine station for a basic medical exam.  This is required of anyone wanting a visa.

As part of the medical exam, we needed the visa photos we had taken the day before.  Donnie and I misunderstood this and thought the photos were for the consulate appointment so we had not yet gone back to pick them up.  Donnie rushed to the photo shop while Sarah, Elizabeth and I waited at the office.  There were lots of families there for their children's exams as well as many Chinese waiting for exams to obtain US visas.  The children were allowed to jump ahead of other people in line.  (Something we appreciated; however, I am sure the others did not.)
Ahh!  All is better now that we are done and my Mom is holding me again!
Our guide would pick up the completed exam form the next morning for use at our consulate appointment set for Tuesday morning at 10 AM.

It was an unusually wet and cool day which was a nice break from the heat.

The days in Guangzhou sort of run together in my mind because I did not keep a journal.  I think the medical exam was the only thing for the day and the rest of our time was spent preparing the consulate paperwork and playing with Elizabeth.
Once Donnie returned with the photos, we went ahead with the exam.  At the first "station", they weighed Elizabeth, she was 17.8 lbs.  The next station was where she was measured; she was approximately 75 cm long (did a lot of wiggling).  At the final station, they looked at her ears, nose,  throat and listened to her chest.  She was not happy when that tongue depressor was poked into her mouth!  It took only about 10 mins and we were done!